Thursday, July 01, 2010


I have been experimenting with the Hipstamatic app on the iPhone. This emulates an old basic camera and produces photos with a unique style.

The app allows the user to change lenses, film type and flash. However, sticking with the basic ethos, I have just been using the default set-up.

I has been fun using this to try and make interesting photos from seemingly mundane things. Here is an example:

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Infra Red Photos around West Leeds

A few infra-red photos taken around a walk in west Leeds. Including Farnley Park and Post Hill.

Spurn Head

I have been lazy and not updated the blog with new postings to my photo gallery. If you wan to find anything between the last post and this one, visit the main gallery page and have a search around. I hope you find something of interest.

Last weekend, I had an afternoon at Spurn Head:

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I have added a few photos I took. It was cold but nice afternoon, with some good lighting later on.